Bloom University Collection

The “Bloom University Collection” is a unique Box Set of DVDs, CDs and publications which provide an unparalleled insight into James Joyce’s universal epic, Ulysses.

This exceptional collection draws on the many years of extensive research undertaken in the production of the award winning feature film “Bloom” and contains a wealth of exclusive material that will become an important and highly valued resource for English Departments around the world.

In recognition of the real needs of universities, Odyssey Pictures has taken the innovative decision to include the public performance (educational) rights of the Collection in perpetuity – this means that you may show and exploit the Collection on your campus to whoever you want, whenever you want, as often as you want, forever. No further permissions or fees will ever be required.

The Collection was officially launched by Sean Walsh, director of the Bloom feature film, at the 2007 North American James Joyce Conference which was held at the University of Texas at Austin in June of this year.

Please allow 21 days for delivery.

Euro Price: €385


Dollar Price: $485